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Some say it's the greatest sporting event of the year, others say it's when North Caroline plays at Duke. I say let's just stop this silliness and sit back and admire what a truly great sporting event this game is. I was just wondering what's going on in the rest of the country for this game. As for St. louis, I think I will give you an excerpt from the "What's Going On" section of the sunday post dispatch to give you an idea of how we're celebrating this event here.

"Festivities for the game will kick off Monday with the Bi-Annual Duke - North Carolina Fest. Families willt be treated to two day of spectacular entertainment including dancing elephants, lion tamers, trapeze artists, acrobats, and people being shot out of cannons. Wednesday everyone shows up at Forest Park for the pep rally, which is always exciting. Although there have been times that the pep rally has gotten out of hand, such as the time all the zoo animals were let loose, officials say they have taken measures to prevent such catastrophes from occuring again."

Here is what is going on in other parts of the world for this wonderful game:

Africa -

The Mutamas, a hunter-gatherer tribe in Sudan, celebrate the game with a rich sense of history and tradition. The festivities start at mid-day Tuesday, at which time the tribe sacrifices a wildebeast to the God of the Duke - Wake Forest Game. The sacrifice of a strong male wildebeast is necessary for a good game according to Mutaman religion. The blood of the wildebeast is saved for the warriors of the tribe, who each drink a cup of it before taking a nap. When they awake, the warriors split into two groups, one representing Wake Forest and one representing Duke. They then embark upon a hunt. The first team to return with an antelope will secure a great advantage for whichever college they represent. At dusk, everyone files outside and gathers around a great fire, upon which a spectacular feast of antelope and elephant will be cooked. After the meal, everyone sits down and the elders of the tribe take turns telling the tales of Duke - Wake Forest games of years past. At the end of the story telling period everyone stands up and the drummer begins playing, and everyone dances until they collapse. According to the tribe, at this climactic point in the dance their soul opens up to feel the wisdom of Dick Vitale and the awesome power of the Duke - Wake Forest game.

Germany -

The German celebration consists of 3 parts.

The Dead-Rabbit-Hat Dance
The party starts with the controversial dead-rabbit-hat dance. All teenage boys have spent the month leading up to the game searching the highways for a rabbit that has been run over. Once a suitable rabbit has been found, he presents it to the young lady of his liking. If it pleases the young lady, she will accept ithe rabbit and wear it as a hat, and will accompany her suitor to the dead-rabbit-hat dance.

The old woman throw
After the dance, the biggest and strongest men participate in the old woman throw. Each man has 3 chances to throw the oldest woman in the town into a passing convertible from a distance of 15 feet.

The burning of the longest beard
The finale of the German celebration is the burning of the longest beard. All men in the town present their beards for measurement the day of the game. After the longest beard has been determined, it is set on fire. As it burns, the townspeople all chug as much beer as they can.



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Methotrexate As

Methotrexate As

Methotrexate as

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