Call Jammer

Call Jammer – Block Unwanted Calls

Call Jammer gives Android users an easy and effective way to block unwanted calls.  Take control over telemarketing calls, bill collectors, or anyone you don’t know or don’t want to talk to.



  • Blacklist:  Add callers to the blacklist to regularly block them
  • Whitelist:  Add callers that are always allowed through
  • Blocking Methods:  Block the blacklist, block all, allow only white list, or no blocking
  • Blocking Type:  Hang up on user, silent ring, vibrate only
  • Time Mode:  Set blocking for a meeting or while you sleep using custom time settings
  • Free:  No upgrade versions. Full featured, ad supported, and complete free

This simple application works great for blocking telemarketers, bill collectors, solicitors, crazy people, you name it.  If there is someone in your life blowing up your phone, and you just want it to stop, get Call Jammer today.


System Requirements:  Android 3.3 or higher

Release Version:  1.2